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James Gilbert Hodge
Memphis, Tennessee
Date of birth: September 23, 1990
James is still suffered from AVM growing and growing. James had to go to the hospital every month for treatment AVM. That since James were a little boy at age 6 until finally at age 15 year old an amputation his right arm but later a year doctor found huge grow AVM on his right arm to chest.

Please notice - This video next below is still loading for a second. Its depending on your computer how much time of the speed.
We called News to come here at our house to shoot a video to explained about James and Theo with his sister (Luanne). This video was in October 10, 2005 right before 2 weeks an amputation on his right arm.

Before you read and pictures below. First let me explain. Several people asked us from YouTube which they ask me why its causes?... Its causes this is why its called AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation). What is an Arteriovenous Malformation?... Read at but for James its not about his brain. This link is an example apart of other body vessels, too. Doctor did checked James' brain and its fine. AVM is on his arm. Doctor say its 1% rare what James had - that's mean people who have a problem just like James' arm but a few people had other apart of body (face, leg, etc) in AVM. Most of them brain AVM.

~ In the beginning of his life ~
He was 1st grade. When he was age at 6 went to St. Jude Children Hospital in Memphis. Doctor took James to go to surgery room for a tested biopsy but later the doctor found nothing wrong with it - its means no cancer or tumor.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    James was 7 yrs old. Notice James' arm bump size of golf ball. Doctor trying and trying to find a doctor specialist about surgery for arm. Later a year doctor want us to go to other hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. Finally we go to Little Rock for Children Hospital then after a year....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
James was 8 yrs old. He went to fishing with our best friends (Richard/Sherry Benz). James was enjoyed fishing with them. Notice James' fingers amputation loss caused from Little Rock, Arkansas in Children Hospital. Seem they are "new" to know about AVM new way surgery. Doctor shot a few times then causes James' fingers became black and later then 2 fingers fell out. So we stopped there no more go to Little Rock, Arkansas Hospital. Then doctors tried to find specialist for years and years....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And later for a long time because doctors cannot do anything. He is 13 years old. James' arm look bigger arm. We was very angry that doctors nothing to do with it. Then somehow at James' school. A lady saw James' arm and then I explained to her about when he was a little boy and Little Rock, Arkansas, etc., etc.. A lady told us and she says best go to Denver, Colorado at Children Hospital because the doctor is the best in the world. Maybe its best for James to go. We are very happy to go there. Then when we arrived to Denver to see the doctor. Doctor say he need shots several time every months. Doctor did shots on his arm. We went back and forth Denver and Memphis for a year but....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We notice bigger and bigger. We not understand why. We asked doctor look its so bigger arm?... The doctor says its OK. Its will keep going and then shrink arm until heal better. Then we go ahead keep going to Denver, Colorado (Children's Hospital) to see what's happens every months for a year....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Also we notice James' vessel bigger so huge. Again we asked doctor its vessels bigger and some skins fell out... but next picture other side arm...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The doctor did put wires its called Coil put inside James' arm. Doctor says its help stop grow or larger but really its not help. Its look like worse. And its cost to our insurance $40,000 EACH a day at a time we go to Denver for a year!! That's what we pay 20% of hospital bills....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In Denver, CO - That's where doctor shots on his arm. I told doctor THAT IS ENOUGH! because its worse, painful, and bleeding a lot. The doctor say do not worry about it! Its will heal. Okay what the doctor say then go ahead.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As you see farther more back then see 2 arms are the different size. I told James: Hey! James! You look like on the TV cartoon "Popeye!" James laughed... Anyway here's next...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As you see James' 2 fingers loss. That's causes from Little Rock, Arkansas when he were a little boy. .... So far we stopped and no more go to Denver, Colorado because its seem worse and worse and James is still suffer pain and bleeding....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In 2005 of October -- Now James is such suffer painful and bleeding every days, every days, and every days never stop. Suzanne and I (Wally) always there for James because James cannot do himself like that for 13 years. James always hide from all his friends. James can't go anywhere but James can only go to Deaf Christian Camp because several Christians understanding his pain. Then later for a while...  Finally, afternoon at home, James walked to me and he say "Dad... its time cut off my arm" ... I was shocked and keep holding my eyes tear. I told James its okay and we need to talk to the doctor and make sure its ok or not. Then I walked to bathroom and cried and cried. I have been care for James many, many years about his arm tried save his arm but failed. In other days. We went to see the doctor talked about cut off his arm. Doctor knew it. Doctor want James go to referral specialist doctor be sure its ok in 2nd options. Then in another weeks we went to see referral doctor for specialist. Doctor see and he knew its not good. Doctor says "If you are my son like that then better go ahead cut off arm". Then the doctor sent to us go to another specialist doctor for amputation apart of the body in Downtown hospital in Memphis. Doctor saw James' arm and James is right need an amputation. In another a few weeks later we went to hospital to get ready go to the hospital for an amputation arm....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When the doctor brought James to his room. We saw James missed arm and I feel an angry in my mind and not usually James missed arm. I walked to the hall and cried and cried hardest. I can't breath and I feel so wet whole my body sweated and dizzied. Its hard to believed my own son loss a arm. He was so young....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Doctor says James need to stay in the room for a week but in 2 days James go home. Doctor shocked James is great then doctor let him go home. He is happy. He is stronger man. Its over... but its not over. James have spread its called AVM (Arterio-Venous Malformation) all over his shoulder to chest and back. About a few years later then again pop up a bump on his side of lung. That's one same happened when James was 6 yrs old then doctor decided to removed then its great. I was very angry who the doctor in first place doctor suppose to remove bump on James' arm when James were a little boy at age 6. But its too late. And later a year another again pop up 2 bumps on his chest and under his foot. We went to hospital surgery again, already removed it. Right now seem everything is fine so far but we still watch over his body.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The dog name is Theo. Before 2 weeks James' arm amputation in October 25th, 2005. When I watch the News and I saw a puppy with three (3) legged. The News says the puppy need a family home. I sent a texted message to my wife to see if its ok can I get a puppy for James?... Suzanne says go for it. I ran and drove to Animal Shelter Service and took the puppy. Then I brought a puppy to James' bedroom and put on his bed. Theo licked on James' face and when James woke and surprised a puppy!! Now Theo is a dog will be 3 years old in July.

The Hodge Family
James work at Blockbuster for almost 2 years. James have a sister name is Luanne Hodge who is 24 yrs old and she work for Special Education of the teacher for the children. James' mom work FedEx for 27 years will be in August of this year. James' Dad is now SSDI.
In the very first time James wearing a prosthetic arm with a hook but later a few months. James don't like it. He want other better prosthetic arm look like real arm and hand with wire cable but our insurance not accepted. So James accepted without it.

James' video just recently in the News in Ohio this Summer 2008. He went to Amputee Camp. See video below.
 Amputee Coalition of America Youth Camp

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