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About us and myself

UPDATED JULY 16, 2009 - 11:42 AM



Welcome to Memphis Deaf Community! Thank you for stopping by here. I would like to tell you about us and myself. My name is Wally Hodge. I raised from Chicago, Illinois but moved to Memphis in 1980. Most of you know me from very first time my owned business started in 1989 called T's Love Co., then years later changed to, and then changed to then Now I'm retired. I worked myself design of an ILY print on them (T-shirts, cap, sweatshirts, etc.). And I'd created a website was but now there are no supported to me so I deleted a domain.  Also, I'd created and but its seem not success so I deleted it also. Now I work for MDC. What is that "MDC"?... MDC stands for Memphis Deaf Community since 2005 in June. And also I goal MCCSDHH ('Mid-South Community Center Service for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing' of Memphis) in the future is now! We are still fighting with goal about MCCSDHH in Memphis needed.

Most of you also know me as an artist of ILYdesigns (see the picture of ILYdesigns at [coming soon]). Some of you don't know me. That’s okay! We’ll still get acquainted! I want to tell you about myself and my business.

Most of time I'm designing a website for MDC because most of Deaf Community need me for MDC. Right now I work for Memphis Deaf Community for an Organization but not 501(c)3 yet. I'm looking forward to get a grant for MCCSDHH here in Memphis in the future!

Anyway, I go back in the beginning about business. I sold ILY and ASL products for more than 18 years. (Of course you know “ILY” means “I love you” and "ASL" means "America Sign Language") My previous businesses were called (was also). But I no longer sell ASL and ILY products due to my health problems. Then a few months later. Recently the deaf communities have been emailing me about starting my business again. But I can't, so I will be starting a new website at DSAB (Deaf-Start-A-Business but now no more) and MDC (Memphis Deaf Community is still ACTIVE!) that will feature business information for anyone interested. Also I creating a website for my customs. I'm thrilled to be helping you start your business, business' website, and or personal website. We will offer information and links to other helpful websites. DSAB's website is for the deaf and hard of hearing who are interested in starting a business. We offer information for anyone who is interested! Of course  the hearing are welcome too! Also I'd created a website for the Memphis Deaf Community at Memphis Deaf Community and MCCSDHH.
MDC services is not a non-profit organization with experience I gained in my experience of working an organization business for more than 4 years since 2005. Deaf communities are excited to learn and such events about MDC. Myself have no salary for MDC but donate money to MDC for supplies, computer, high speed, fax all those bills, etc. to use for MDC. If you are interested donated to MDC then I will be a great appreciate it.

In about early 1987. I was tried to become Comic Strip newspaper called "Sunflower". I drew several comic strips and send to newspaper company then they said its a great idea. They almost accepted me but now they said its not ready. Maybe I will go back and try!

Many have asked me questions like these: "Who are you?", "Where are you from", "When did your business start?", "Are you married?", "Are you deaf?", "How old are you?", "Why did you move to Memphis?", and so on!  I'm glad to tell you about my family and myself. I'm totally deaf from the day I was I born (September 23, 1961). I graduated from Thornridge High School (Dolton, Ill) in 1980 and lived in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois area until I was 18 years old. Then I moved to Memphis, Tennessee where I went to Memphis college studying art 2 years. Why did I move to Memphis?... I followed my girlfriend who later became my wife! We married in 1981 in Memphis.

What happened to my old jobs in the first place?... I was having a lot of frustration in my jobs reason I'm deaf and hard to find a job for many years so I decided to start a business to sell ILY products. In this business I printed my own ILYdesigns. I started my business in 1989. These were: "T's Love, Co", "", "", "" and now and now both DSAB and MDC (Memphis Deaf Community at and MCCSDHH.
Who am I?... I'm part of Cherokee an Indian. Much of my family is descended from the Cherokees in AL and TX. Do I have deaf in my family?... Yes, I have several deaf relatives in NC, TN, MI, IL, and MD (maybe some other more states if I don't know.). These relatives are: Crystal Pearsall and Jennifer Pearsall, both sisters and they were in GU; my nieces in NC, Sue Doyle (my baby sister in MD), Kenny Metevia (my uncle in IL that is my mother's brothers), Edwin Metevia (my uncle from WI, who has two brothers Kenny and Edwin, Ruth Metevia (my aunt from WI, husband of Edwin but is now died), Michelle Metevia (my cousin in IL, she was at NTID), and myself. Also my wife Suzanne.
My wife is deaf also, her maiden name is Suzanne Vanderpool. She was born in PA, PSD (Pennsylvania School for the Deaf), then moved to Boston, BSD (Boston School for the Deaf), then moved to Arizona, ASDB (Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind), and finally moved in Memphis. Why did Suzanne moved so much? Because of her father's job. Suzanne is now work at FedEx HQ in Memphis for 28 years since we were married. We have 2 kids, Both kids are hearing as well. My son James 18, born in September 23 1990 and James is an amputee A warning: Before you click on the link "amputee" to a warn its will show the pictures make you will feeling sick to see the pictures talking about a story before James amputation. If you not want to see it then do not click on the link where its says a word "amputee" above because I don't want you make upsetting with me. James is still living with us and Luanne is on her own independent. As you notice James and I are both same day birthday. Its happened born in same day on my birthday when James were born. My daughter Luanne is 25, born in November 5, 1983. She is work for Special Education teacher since 2006. She is still studying more another college year. Luanne just finished MS and going to PHD in Jan 2010.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask me to vp at 866-667-1703 or email to Again thank you for stopping by here to visit our websites.

Wally Hodge - Editor MDC and MCCSDHH
MDC eNewsletter - Memphis Deaf Community.
MCCSDHH - "Mid-south Community Center Service for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing" of Memphis, Tennessee.
Email Office:
Video-phone 901-201-5758 and for hearing call 866-954-4996
Fax: Not Available
Mail: Wally Hodge MCTAD/TAD, 4495 Leatherwood Ave., Memphis, TN 38117
Website: and


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