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Welcome to
Memphis Deaf Community
of the Mid-South!


Welcome to Memphis Deaf Community of the Mid-South!

Thank you for stopping here at MDCMS!  I would like to tell you about myself. My name is Wally Hodge. I'm total deaf and owned a website this page MDC (MDCMS stands for Memphis Deaf Community of the Mid-South).  I'm thrilled to see your enthusiasm for helping to improve the lives of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. Wally did work very hard to tend to any issues or questions you bring forth.

Memphis Deaf Community of the Mid-South is a based non-profit organization and MDCMS don't have 501(c)3 which I don't have salary for MDCMS. Membership includes deaf, hard of hearing, hearing people and Deaf-Blind. Its FREE reading MDCMS newsletter.  We're at MDCMS (Memphis Deaf Community of the Mid-South) appreciate all contributions and donations. Thank you!


Join to "Memphis Deaf Community of the Mid-South" to go many Deaf Events in many different places for fun!
~ New Facebook's Group ~

Price: $20.00 per person enter door. (Cash only please)
Please stand line up to the front door. (Cash only please)
They're not accepted Credit Card or Check!
~ ~ ~
Time: Starting at 8pm but to be there early for chat and meeting new and old faces then start at 8pm to 10pm.
~ ~ ~
Where at: WSHS stands for "White Station High School" that's where Deaf/Hard of Hearing school class there. ~or~ The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center. I will updates which one a place ASAP!!

PLEASE NOTICE: Because WSHS is on Spring Break this week so I will put here where at the place after Spring Break so please join at: MDCMS' Group at

~ ~ ~
Be sure to eat dinner anywhere your choice then after dinner go to watch Deaf Show. So be there an early before the show start because we/they might to meet new and old faces to see them and enjoy chat with them.
~ ~ ~
Younger Ages: 15 year old or under are not allowed.
That's what John Smith ordered. I'm sorry.
~ ~ ~
Ages: 16 year old & 17 year old with parents.
~ ~ ~
Older Ages: 18 year old & up with or without parents.

AD Business here!

MDC eNewsletter Updates!



ADA - If anyone who having a problem with your company, Dr, Interpreter, etc. to contact ADA for FREE! Only in TENNESSEE. Please go to more for information.

Memphis Deaf Community in the Mid-south of Memphis had already grow over 3000+ readers MDC eNewsletter! What a boom! Some of Deaf communities from other city asked me they're wish same MDC in their area community. You can! You can do that setup in your area for Deaf community! If anyone need setup Deaf Community in your area go to click here!

Where are the Deaf Churches in
Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas?
Deaf Church lists click here

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Memphis Chapter Tennessee Association of the Deaf

Library Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Nashville, Tennessee


Tennessee Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Thomas Roberts, Executive Director
400 Deaderick Street, 11th Floor
Nashville, TN 37248-6000
Phone:(615) 313-4918 V/TTY
Website: TCDHH website

Zip Code in Memphis
Greater of Memphis on the Road!

Deaf Events Fun Social Chat Enjoy New Faces
~ Deaf Coffee Chat: Starbucks ~
~ DNO - Deaf Night Out ~
~ Silent Dinner ~
~ Deaf Bowling ~
~ Deaf Family Dinner Night Out ~
~ Deaf Crafts ~
~ And Much More!! ~

Need a new hearing aid at the lowest cost in the Mid-South, contact Ben Cox, Au. D. Phone number 901-682-1529 or e-mail at Also, repairs on all makes of hearing aids. Any old aids, give them to us and we will donate them to the Hearing Aid Bank.


Please consider a donation to help support this website!
.Mailing address to MDC:
Wally Hodge/MDCMS
4495 Leatherwood Ave.
Memphis, TN 38117

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